Why RIVIGO is the Best Place for Engineers

4 July 2018

RIVIGO is a unique, purpose driven institution where top engineers are solving never-done-before technology problems at scale in one of the largest addressable markets globally.


RIVIGO is building technologies to disrupt the 3 trillion-dollar global logistics market. Last four years of launching products and innovations has built a team that can transform the future of how goods move across the highways. While we started with a globally unique relay model for highway transportation, we have now leaped forth and are building several technologies around last mile delivery, IOT platforms, optimization algorithms and freight marketplace. The growth in the new ventures is leading to several new opportunities around trucking commerce, resale, lending and energy/fuel platform for trucks. The limiting factor for RIVIGO will not be the size of the market or the aspiration of the team but the quality and pace of engineering we can do.

If you are an engineer reading this, here is an honest case for why RIVIGO is an exceptional place to be:

RIVIGO is a unique, purpose driven institution

  • We believe technology can bring joy to the lives of pilots (truck drivers) and every other participant in the ecosystem. Our purpose is to make logistics human using technology and deep problem solving.
  • Our culture is rooted in ten leadership principles and our office has fragrance of purity, passion and meaningful work. There is no place for politics, bureaucracy or drudgery. We are all owners here and not employees. There is complete autonomy and empowerment in the way you drive work and fulfillment.
  • Our goal is to help each of us become the best version of ourselves through strong mentorship and a cycle of setting big goals, hard work, celebrating failures and learning. We have absolutely no doubt that learning and growth at RIVIGO is 10X of any other place.
  • We do believe with all sincerity that RIVIGO will make India proud by becoming one of the largest global institutions from India. We will bring forth the new India of abundance, jobs and social and economic growth through the global first work our engineers will do.

RIVIGO is solving the most challenging technology problems 

  • We have annual 1 billion miles of road and truck data across parameters (tyre, camera feeds, fuel, vitals, geo etc.). In comparison, autonomous vehicle companies and start-ups have less than 1 million miles of data (Tesla has 3 million miles of data). Imagine the potential of engineering we can do together.
  • Our freight platform is growing month-on-month at 20%. It offers challenging problems across demand side technologies, supply side applications, CRM, bots etc. Our belief is that every transaction in the road logistics space will be online in the next 3-5 years. It requires deep technologies to be built through the value chain. There can’t be a bigger digitization battle.
  • Relay rostering engine coupled with IOT-led temperature integrity and fuel integrity on our assets makes us efficient and help us scale. We have to take this to every truck on the roads through relay-as-a-service technology. This is the bridge to building semi-autonomous vehicles and requires a deep, algorithm-based approach.
  • Our parcel continuum technology helps us measure 1400+ data signals for each parcel to help improve turn around time, reduce pilferage and damages and give exceptional service to our customers. We aspire to be the world’s first 6 sigma logistics company. Only solid engineering can lead us there.
  • We are working on 35+ machine learning problems, 50+ web/mobile products, a blockchain problem and several interesting aspirations. The problem set and applications are growing. There isn’t a relevant problem which the teams are not addressing. The exposure and learning is contagious and will help build the next set of technology leaders and CTO’s in the country

We hire the best

  • RIVIGO is RIVIGO because of its people and culture
  • We have only hired the best. Our hiring process focusses on getting folks who raise our collective bar. Folks from leading product companies, gold medallists from top global universities and young engineers who have the fire to transform the world with technology are creating breakthrough products at RIVIGO.
  • We do not believe in large teams but high performing lean teams who push each other, learn and grow
  • RIVIGO is the number 1 hiring brand on campus in its short journey of 4 years

For people who are driven to change the world with technology, are fanatical about impact and seek limitless opportunities for growth and learning, RIVIGO is the place to be.