Invoking Boundless Energy

8 October 2018

Discovering and operating from a source of boundless energy can unlock the infinite in everyone. This is also a key leadership principle at RIVIGO. Deepak Garg, our founder & CEO, talks about invoking this source of energy in this impactful note.


One of the biggest tools that great leaders have is an unlimited supply of energy. This is not physical energy but an invisible source of energy, which creates miraculous outcomes for them in life and work. Discovering and operating from this source of boundless energy can unlock the infinite in everyone. It is the secret to the success of all sportsmen and pivotal world leaders. It is the key to accessing the endless possibilities within oneself. It helps people achieve work-life harmony. One of the leadership principles at RIVIGO is ‘Boundless Energy’. Simply put, this leadership principle is best defined as below:

“I deeply connect with my source of energy every day and bring that energy to everything in life.”

Several times people confuse boundless energy with physical display of energy. These are two very different things. A person sitting silently in thought could be deeply connected with his/her source of boundless energy. An introvert leader with deep passion for solving a problem will certainly have a lot more boundless energy than someone who is haphazardly running around in a physical display of mechanical energy. In fact, physical or mechanical energy can lead to mediocre outcomes in long term because any mechanical source will deteriorate through wear and tear. Leaders who discover and connect with their source of invisible boundless energy are the ones who create a virtuous cycle of impact and performance. They are often in their “peak performance” zone, which is full of joy and bliss and experienced by highly successful sportspersons and leaders.

Everyone can invoke the source of this invisible boundless energy. The first question one needs to answer is – what is it you are deeply passionate about? Passion is different from hobby. Passion leads you to a state of egoless-ness and bliss while pursuing that activity. If your passion is tennis and you become the racket while playing the sport or if you are passionate about your child and you become one while playing with the child or if you are passionate about music and you become music – that is then your source of boundless energy. If you find such an activity around you, which helps you forget your being and if pursuing that activity makes you thoughtless, then embrace that source. It could be running, family, social work, music, painting, writing, reading or anything else. Pursuing this twice every day for a minimum of twenty minutes each will deeply connect you to your source of infinite energy and you’d realise the magical impact of this unfold into everything you do in your life.

In case you do not find an activity, which qualifies as ‘passion’ described above, then you must use the universal tool of meditation. Meditation is scientific, and it works. It helps you connect to your source just as someone pursuing his or her passion does. It connects you deeply with your source of energy, bliss and joy. It simply requires one to be thoughtless for twenty minutes, twice a day. The results would be magical:

  • Your luck and destiny will start favouring everything you are doing
  • Your food habits and lifestyle will change
  • Your health will significantly improve
  • Your performance and happiness will increase multifold
  • You will have meaningful relationships and will always be in a joyful state
  • Lastly, whatever you wish for in life will happen

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Now imagine if you are deeply passionate about the work you are doing. Your work, then, becomes your source of infinite and creates a powerful virtuous cycle that leads to all your audacious dreams coming true “here and now”. This happens with Virat Kohli and AR Rahman and it can happen with you. If you are coding and find it meditative, you’d see the boundless energy and the impact it will create for you. If you are selling and find deep meaning and passion in it, you’d see the invisible energy flowing through continuously. If you are executing operations and find joy in the beauty of flawless execution, you will get on a springboard of joy.

If you are working as an ‘owner’ and ‘connecting’ with the larger purpose it leads to a selfless and ego-less state which is a prerequisite for invoking that source of deep and boundless energy. Throw in ‘passion’ and it leads to a never-ending virtuous cycle of impact and performance. Every human has the key of greatness within and it is up to us to unlock that potential.